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Back in the 90s I used to work for the games industry as a writer, amongst other things. My credits from those years include Lemmings, Hired Guns, Uniracers, Body Harvest and a brief stint on GTA from which I’m still recovering.

After spending most of the 21st century in the aerospace industry coding engineering tools and calculating phase matching on microwave coaxial cables, I’m now a freelance writer. I have several projects in development: a novel or two, a comic and the complete history of DMA Design, which happens to be that games company I worked for.

Before those are completed, I have some short stories and articles which you can read on this site and download for free if you wish.

When I’m not being a writer, I’m a hobbyist moviemaker who still attempts to keep his hand in with programming.

Ask me about commissions!

Current Work


I am currently working on background, plot and characters for an exciting indie computer game called Inviolate. This is a futuristic Sci Fi dungeon crawler with a retro feel. A demo version is in the works, being available early 2017. I’m excited about this in no small part because the game is inspired by, amongst other things, Hired Guns, a classic Amiga game which I also wrote the story for. As of September 2016 I am working on a number of projects, both personal and commissioned.

A Deed Without a Name

I delivered a thirty page comic script to Last Ride Digital Video as a prequel to the events which take place in their forthcoming web TV series Archangel. Currently I am performing lettering duties, in addition to typesetting the final comic, on the basis that this will make any dialogue adjustments easier for me to do. Typesetting was a large part of my job back in the 90s so it made sense for me to offer to do it.

An early preview is available in the Free Stuff section.

Destruct Sequence

Several years ago I wrote a short film script for independent amateur filmmakers Starship Intrepid. We have been making short films since 2003 under the banner of Star Trek Fan Films. Since the new official guidelines are now in place and we seem to conform to them, we are pressing ahead. Filmmaking with my friends is a hobby, but this will be the first time I’ve directed my own script.

Voluntary Donation

If you are wondering how on Earth you can show your appreciation, for example if you enjoyed one of my free downloads, or have fond memories of a retro game I once worked on, you can donate a pound. Entirely voluntary of course.