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The Archangel
Latest News: Archangel: A Deed Without a Name has been released! Check it out over at Comixology for the bargain price of $1.99 for 40 pages of demon-busting goodness.

❝There's a limit to the rate that you can believe in the miraculous…❞ What kind of world is it, when a day hunting demons in lonely valleys is normal? Especially if you’re hunting it with the avatar of the Archangel Michael? But today isn’t a normal day. And his time is running out.

If you like it, please recommend it to someone and leave a rating. Everything helps. And the more popular it gets, the greater the chance of us creating new issues. Not sure yet? Then download the teaser version in the Free Stuff tab, containing the first ten pages plus some bonus material you won't find anywhere else.

The Archangel
Update: And just to prove that we're serious, page art has just been completed on Archangel: Shattered. This is a 15-page one-shot set in the Archangel universe, with a script by myself adapted from a movie vignette by Nicholas J. Cook. Art is by the amazing combination of AC Rillo SR. on inks with Bee Jay Bolaji on colours. Best of all, it is going to be a free download! So you can enjoy tales from the Archangel universe without worry.

TL;DR : I'm a Science Fiction Writer...

...Amongst other Stuff

Back in the 90s I used to work for the games industry as a writer, amongst other things. My credits from those years include Lemmings, Hired GunsI can and will talk about Hired Guns to an almost endless extent, if asked. Best avoid the subject., Uniracers, Body Harvest and a brief stint on GTA from which I’m still recovering.

After spending most of the 21st century in the aerospace industry coding engineering tools and calculating phase matching on microwave coaxial cables, I’m now a freelance writer. I have several projects in development: a novel or two, a comic and the complete history of DMA Design, which happens to be that games company I worked for.

Before those are completed, I have some short stories and articles which you can read on this site and download for free if you wish.

When I'm not being a writer, I'm a hobbyist moviemaker who still attempts to keep his hand in with programming. I have too many interests to fit into a week.

Ask me about commissions!

Current Projects

Archangel: A Deed Without a Name

The Archangel

Art by Bryan Sevilla

The Archangel: A Deed Without a Name is now complete and available to buy. Set in the present day, it's the story of the current incarnation of the Archangel Michael and his last day hunting down a demon before, well, you'll have to read to find out what. Not all is as it seems. The script has been kicking around for a while, but the pace of production ramped up in 2018. I delivered a revised edit to Last Ride Digital VideoI joked that it should be Last Ride Dynamic Vision. It got a laugh, therefore it's official. (in the form of head honcho Scott Torwalt) earlier in the year. Last Ride Digital Video?

Isn't this a comic?

Not to begin with. Archangel is a web-TV show in early pre-production. Scott asked me to write a prequel comic, with the brief that I had to show how Michael got to where he begins the show. Bryan Sevilla inked and coloured the pages and since one of my old jobs from the games industry days was typesetting, it made sense for me to construct the final output. Along the way I offered to do the lettering too, as it was a way to get a quick way of tweaking the script without endless back and forth.

Success? Well since I've now been asked to pitch an entire Archangel series, I reckon so. And also another unrelated one-shot which I can't talk about yet.

The Cope With Anything Kit

Brexit Emergency Soup

I actually made this

Based on a ridiculous idea I once had, I’ve completed writing of a roleplaying game system. Part satire, mostly stupid, with occasional deep thoughts masquerading as jokes or possibly the other way around, CWAK is the roleplaying game of the real real world. Inside it has much the same surrealist/ deadpan/ sarcastic humour as I deployed when writing the Uniracer/ Unirally intruction booklet for Nintendo way back in 1995. Some people found that quite funny, as evidenced by Arstechnica calling it “…goofy and hilarious…” and by Nintendo Life as “…refreshingly irreverent and zany…”. That's one advantage to me never fully maturing.

Oh No! The History of DMA Design

A long term project, I've been at this for several years now. DMA Design is the Scottish games company I worked for in the 80s and 90s, notable for creating Lemmings and Grand Theft Auto. I've been writing down my memories of that time, doing research, and going through all the paperwork I still have, adding events to a master timeline where I can. That stage is mostly complete and I’m now asking other former employees for their memories. Indeed, so interesting is DMA that I know of at least four documentaries in various stages about Grand Theft Auto, of which I've been involved in more than one. But I can't reveal any details yet. Sorry!

Destruct Sequence

Several years ago I wrote a short film script for independent amateur filmmakers Starship Intrepid. We have been making short films since 2003 under the banner of Star Trek Fan Films. Since the new official fan film guidelines are now in place, and we seem to conform to them, we are pressing ahead. Filmmaking with my friends is a hobby, but this has been the first time I've directed a script I'd written myself. Filming was completed last year and the project is now at the editing stage.

Destruct Sequence

Destruct Sequence Filming


The Brain Bank

Art by Nicola Guest

I'm currently working on background, plot and characters for an exciting indie computer game called Inviolate. This is a futuristic Sci Fi dungeon crawler with a retro feel. A demo version, which takes the form of a short story, is almost ready. If the upcoming Kickstarter is successful, I’ll be writing the full story. I’m excited about this in no small part because the game is inspired by, amongst other things, Hired Guns, a classic Amiga game which I also wrote the story for.


In a bit of a change of pace, last August I wrote a thirty minute audio drama script for political thriller Terms. After season one, the producers had decided to make an anthology season, and so opened up their world for anyone to pitch for. I was delighted to have a successful pitch and be welcomed on board. Update: Production currently aimed to take place sometime in 2019, assuming that reality in US politics doesn't continue to outstrip anything that fiction and satire can come up with.

At Scotland's Secret Bunker, picture taken by my good friend Jo. No megalomania in evidence. (Not much, anyway.)

 Extra Inte Additional Intel

I use British English spelling and idioms, if you tend to worry about that sort of thing.

Additionally I'm Scottish, so 'outwith' is unquestionably a real word. As is 'drookit', 'puggled' and 'numpty'. I am occasionally all three of those.

I created this site using a combination of W3 CSS, Jekyll, Emacs and my inability to enjoy web development IDEs.

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My name is in the very first paragraph of the first page of the first GTA design document*.

*Excluding cover and table of contents. I mean, right?

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