Oct 2017

Destruct Sequence

I've being doing this Fan Film malarky since about 2003 when one of my friends at the Star Trek club suggested we make a film and I said I had a camera. Cue a decade and a bit of Star Trek: Intrepid. Much directing, editing, some acting, and post-production hair-tearing later and -- even though I call myself a writer -- I hadn't actually written anything for it. Making a film is very much a team effort. If Intrepid has a show runner, it is Nick Cook. I'm just a hanger-on, really.

So when I wrote an episode for the first time, I was inspired by some other Star Trek fan fiction. On our old and now-defunct forum someone had posted a short story which began with a red alert. Again. Starting with red alerts seemed a bit clichéd. So I decided to make mine the red alert to end all red alerts. Starting with Intrepid apparently exploding.

Many revisions later it had settled into a stable script.