Proof Mode

It’s every Science Fiction writer’s dream to have successfully predicted the future.

I did that once. But there’s a wee caveat.

Schneier on Security had a post a few weeks ago about ‘Proof Mode’ for smartphones. This is a way of adding data to a photo to prove that it hasn’t been altered. I predicted image authentication cameras in the Amiga game Hired Guns when I wrote the manual in 1992.

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16 Psyche

When Geoff Pell approached me back in August last year to ask if I would like to write the story for Inviolate, I was given a lot of leeway to change things around if I thought it was an improvement. Originally the game was set on the surface of a planet, which came with its own issues to resolve. Was it around another star system, how would the space travel work in the context of the game and so on. Given the distinct air of cyberpunk surrounding the project — not least that it’s a retro-style game circa 1995 or so — a distant planet felt to me like a different flavour of SF.

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